West Beach

San Luis Pass, West Beach
Galveston, TX

Notes/Rules for the area.txwingnuts018001

1. Generally, this area should only be flown when winds are out of the east or south. Winds from the north will push you out into the Gulf. Be wary of wind speed shifts.

2. Late morning to mid-late afternoons over the grassy areas will be turbulent from thermals.

3. Avoid any areas marked where birds may be nesting. A number of bird species are protected.

4. Avoid yellow marked areas. These areas are now built up with various homes.

5. Watch for low flying air traffic including helicopters, planes, and especially for KITES.

6. Avoid flying over the congested area at the point as marked in the picture.

7. When crossing the elevated road, maintain a safe altitude. Flying too low may result in lack of penetration due to rising air from the wind striking the bridge.

8. Avoid flying over all fisherman and sunbathers and maintain safe distance.