Quintana Beach

Quintana Beach
Freeport/Quintana, TX

Notes/Rules for the areas.txwingnuts016002

1. Generally, this area should only be flown when winds are out of the east or south. Winds from the north will push you out into the Gulf. Be wary of wind speed shifts.

2. Late morning to mid-late afternoons over the grassy areas will be turbulent from thermals.

3. Avoid any areas marked where birds may be nesting. A number of bird species are protected. Also, do not chase any wildlife including seagulls and pelicans due to potential ticketing by police or game warden.

4. Watch for low flying air traffic including helicopters, planes, and especially for KITES.

5. Avoid flying over any chemical facilities as this area is tightly controlled and monitored by the Department of Homeland Security. Do not fly over or even near any homes east up the shoreline as this is a very sensitive area that will quickly invoke a police visit.

6. Avoid flying over all fisherman and sunbathers and maintain safe distance.

7. If you fly southwest and cross the Brazos River, depending upon tides and current weather conditions, these areas may require extraction by boat should you have a motor out. Many areas further southwest down the shoreline are outside of cell phone coverage.