East Beach

East Beach
Galveston, TX

Notes/Rules for the area.txwingnuts017001

1. This area can only be flown during the November to February timeframe due to beach crowding. Generally, this area should only be flown when winds are out of the east or south. Winds from the north or west will push you out into the Gulf or Houston Ship Channel. Be wary of wind speed shifts.

2. Late morning to mid-late afternoons over the grassy areas will be turbulent from thermals. Do not fly downwind of the condos due to severe rotor.

3. Avoid any areas marked where birds may be nesting. A number of bird species are protected. Also, do not chase any wildlife including seagulls and pelicans due to potential ticketing by police or game warden. Birdwatchers and photographers will not hesitate to call the police if you are harassing the wildlife.

4. Watch for low flying air traffic including helicopters, planes, and especially for KITES.

5. Avoid flying over any homes or near the condo towers.

6. Avoid flying over all fisherman and sunbathers and maintain safe distance.

7. Do not fly further southwest than Pleasure Pier that extends out into the Gulf. Further southwest is controlled airspace from Scholl’s Airfield.

8. One last note.  In the November to February timeframe, it is not uncommon for their to be a 5 to 8 mph ground level breeze good for flying all day, however climbing up to 200 to 600 feet one may find 20+ mph winds.  This is due to an inversion.  One must just be aware of the situation and respond quickly if low level conditions change.  We generally do not fly above 500′ during the winter at this site as one could be pushed out over the Houston Ship Channel if the winds are too strong.