Texas City Levee

Texas City Levee
Texas City, TX

Notes/Rules for the areas.Texas City Levee

1. Generally, this area should only be flown when winds are from the North, East, or ESE. Any wind from the west makes this an extremely difficult to fly site due to turbulent air and thermals at all times of the day.

2. Avoid flying to the area immediately west of the launch site. This area is a protected bird sanctuary and nesting area.

3. Further west of the launch site is Texas City. This is classified as congested space and we are not permitted to fly over the city at any altitude.

4. We are permitted to fly as far south as the Texas City Dike, and those with appropriate skill, may fly out the dike.

5. Avoid flying further south of the dike or over the refinery. Avoid picture taking of the refinery, or, expect to be interviewed by the police and FBI.

6. Avoid flying around or low over the residences to the north of the launch zone as marked in the photograph. They have strong feelings regarding PPG Pilots.

7. Further north of the launch site along the shoreline, there are flood gates. If you venture beyond the flood gates and have an engine out, you may have as much as a 4+ mile walk out with your equipment. Gates are locked at the road along Hwy 146 preventing anyone from driving back into that section of land.

8. Avoid flying over all fishermen, kite surfers, and windsurfers and maintain safe distance from all people.